Anti-White Politics

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Wake Up, America! (Not that anyone really expects you to...)

When are White Americans ever going to realize that their own government is not at all interested in them, except for purposes of taxation and oppression?  The government is only interested in expanding its own power, and flooding the nation with every sort of beast in order to further assure its grip on power.

See the video below, which contrasts the reactions to disasters in Iowa and Haiti, courtesy of

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White Liberal Misogeny and the agenda of non-Whites


The White liberal is a misogenist: he must hate his race, because he insists that it should be mixed with the non-White races. Therefore, the White liberal is a cancer cell in the body of the White race, and every mongrelized family is a malignant tumor. If the average White liberal (usually a simple-minded follower of ideas which are perceived to be lofty, just, and good, but in reality are purely evil) could know what is really in the mind of the average negro or ladino, chances are that he may very well rethink his support of multiculturalism and diversity, unless, of course, he truly does relish the idea of the destruction of the White race.

When the White liberal hears the slogan “social justice”, it very often invokes thoughts such as those represented by the slogans of the wicked French revolutionaries, such as “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite”, and the supposed “universal brotherhood of man”, or that idea – always taken out of context – that somehow “all men are created equal”, which was expressed in the American Declaration of Independence.

Yet what the White liberal does not realize – even though it is glaringly evident in negro art and literature – is that when the average negro hears the term “social justice”, he thinks of something quite different. To the negro, this term means the enslavement of the White man, the absconding of all property, and the enthronement of the negro. Every negro becomes a plantation owner, and every White man a slave. Every negro would have a stable of White women to abuse, and there would be no more White children. This – to the negro – is heaven and redemption and “social justice”. It is also the common rhetoric of negro religions such as Rastafarianism, the Nation of Islam, and black so-called Christian “Liberation Theology” (as if there could possibly ever be black Christians), which is popular and prominent in so many black churches today. This negro mindset is justified as retribution for the perceived sins of the practice of slavery which is attributed by the negro to all Whites, even though only a very small percentage of Whites had ever engaged in slavery. And in spite of the fact that a much greater number of Whites labored and suffered to end slavery, without any appreciation from the descendants of the slaves, who would rather conquer them instead of expressing any form of gratitude.