Cairo, Illinois

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The United States' Federal Government has just (May 2nd, 2011) destroyed 130,000 acres of fine, productive, cultivated farmland at Bird's Point, Missouri, by blowing up two miles of levees which were part of a huge system of levees and dams built in the 1930's to  protect the area from floods.

The State of Missouri tried to stop the Army Corps of Engineers from blowing the levees, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, however they were denied. This power of the Federal Government over the states is a huge infringement of the 10th Amendment, however the states have long lost any legitimate claim to that protection by sucking the tit of the federal pig for the past 100 years or better now. People should expect nothing from government, and the government would have no right - or ability - to lord over them in the first place.

One of the reasons given for the destruction of the levee was to save the town of Cairo, Illinois. The New York Times wrote, in a May 1st article entitled "Plan to Breach Levee in Missouri Advances as a Storm Brews" that "...over the past several days, [...] General Walsh has weighed the interests of about 200 people living in the floodway against the safety of Cairo, Ill., a struggling town of around 3,000 people that lies on a winnowed slip of land between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers." A local television news broadcast, on KMBC [see below], affirmed the reason for the destruction of the levee as stated by the New York Times, to save Cairo from flooding.

But Cairo is no "struggling town". It is actually a damnable slum of 2,800 "people" and is full of drug addicts and all sorts of vermin. However the political angle is that they are practically all negroes. Of course, after Iowa, Christchurch, and the many other disasters facing Whites where the government offered no help, now we know that Whites are fully expendable in the eyes of our government. It is clear from recent events that negroes are coddled as much as possible every time the slightest danger is faced. In New Orleans, the blame was placed on the federal government for not doing enough to protect the levees. However where Whites are involved, the levees are the first things to go!

The negroes of Cairo do absolutely nothing to contribute to Western Civilization. While the farmers of Bird's Point seem to be "wealthy" compared to the negroes of Cairo, the truth is that they work. Yes, only hard labor and years of constant struggle create real wealth, while the negroes of Cairo - and New Orleans - know only how much they can expect in government handouts. The federal government has chosen to destroy 100 families of producers, people who have helped feed our nation, while coddling a town full of parasites and crackheads. How is this not bolshevism? A nation which sets such policies and examples cannot endure.

Bird's Point, Missouri: Beautiful and productive farmland surrounded by neat and civilized White communities:

Projected flood area

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Article updated and edited May 11th, 2011