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The Christogenea Open Forum was a call-in program which ran from late 2010 until mid 2012 when it was replaced by Christogenea Saturdays. The Christogenea European Fellowship Forum ran twice monthly until mid 2012, when travels and marriage made it too difficult for us to keep scheduled. While some of these programs are topical and remain here, most of these archives are housed at the Christogenea Archive website.

Marriage and Scripture - Christogenea Forum Call 06-20-11

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Should men put their wives away sexually if they come to the realization that their marriage was wrongfully initiated according to the Old Covenant law? Well, contrary to the pharisaical opinions of some claiming to be Christian Identity, that is not the example set forth in Scripture.

Here is the podcast of the program criticizing our position, which instigated the reponse given here. It is from Dan Kersey's Truth or Consequences program on Talkshoe, this segment featuring Jeff Westover and Patricia Aiken (aka "mouthypatricia"):