Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South

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A Conversation with Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South

I first became interested in the League of the South late last year when a good friend had brought the organization to my attention, even admonished me to become familiar with it, and then I had noticed that some of the people whom I was acquainted with on social media were among its members. So we first met a few of the people from the Florida chapter of the League at a small affair they had held last December. But when I decided to go to New Orleans for the demonstrations in defense of the Confederate monuments at Lee Circle back in early May of this year, I knew that it was also an opportunity to better get to better know the membership and what they stood for.

This is no run-of-the-mill civic organization or Southern heritage group that meets up and plays at toy soldier while lamenting the loss of an unfortunate war. Rather, to them the war has not been lost at all, and it is still being fought even if the actual shooting has been suspended. From my observation, the League stands for resistance to the tyrannical American Empire, and they continue to encourage political secession from an unholy Union, as well as the perpetuation of White Southern culture and the rights of the Southern people and society to its own self-determination.

But most importantly from our perspective at Christogenea, the men and women we have met from the League of the South understand the necessary connections between race and nation, kindred and community, and blood and soil that are the only solid foundations for any healthy Christian society, and they are determined to take real-world positions in defense of these principles, expressing their profession without regard for their enemies. This I find admirable, and I would exhort all Christians everywhere to support such an endeavor.

We were pleased to have witnessed this determination first-hand in New Orleans back in May, and we were even more honored to have been introduced to the president of the League of the South, Dr. Michael Hill, who has continued to impress us as an ideal example of the traditional Southern gentleman. If I am not mistaken, Michael was one of the principle founders of the League in the early 1990’s. He has a Doctoral degree in history from the University of Alabama, and he had a long career in that field as a university professor. Among other things, he has written books on Celtic warfare. His activities with the League of the South demand his qualifications as both a strategist and a scholar.

William Finck with his wife Melissa joined the League of the South several days after this interview...

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