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Two Papers by Joseph Goebbels with comments and discussion - 2012-02-04

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William Finck presents and comments on two of the works of Joseph Goebbels: The Racial Question and World Propaganda (1933) and The Creators of the World’s Misfortunes (1945). Later Matthew Ott and Carolyn Yeager help discuss the need for our cause today to produce better propaganda of our own, and to be more proactive in its dissemination.

The Good Society - Carolyn Yeager and Rodney Martin - March 17th, 2012

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Autobahn poster

Carolyn Yeager and co-host Rodney Martin filled in for William Finck on Christogenea Saturdays, March 17th, 2012. Click here for the podcast at Carolyn's website, "THE GOOD SOCIETY: Social Policy in National Socialist Germany"

The creation of the Autobahn is just one of the magnificent achievements credited to Adolf Hitler's National Socialism that benefited the people rather than the bankers. From March 1933 onward, laws were passed that changed German society from a degenerate Jewish-dominated and foreign-ruled economic basket-case to an orderly, independent and prosperous, Christian people-state once again. Rodney and Carolyn  discuss these laws, policies and programs ... from anti-vivisection to Volksgemeinschaft, from religion to racial policy ... and why they brought about a healthy society.

The International Jew, Chapter 1 with Carolyn Yeager - April 7th, 2012

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The International Jew, Chapter 1, with notes by William Finck in brackets. At the end are some references from various sources which I collected for the program. Not all of the notes were used.

Among the distinguishing mental and moral traits of the Jews may be mentioned: distaste for hard or violent physical labor; a strong family sense and philoprogenitiveness; a marked religious instinct; the courage of the prophet and martyr rather than of the pioneer and soldier; remarkable power to survive in adverse environments, combined with great ability to retain racial solidarity; capacity for exploitation, both individual and social; shrewdness and astuteness in speculation and money matters generally; an Oriental love of display and a full appreciation of the power and pleasure of social position; a very high average of intellectual ability.”

—The New International Encyclopedia.


The Jew in Character and Business

The Jew is again being singled out for critical attention throughout the world. His emergence in the financial, political and social spheres has been so complete and spectacular since the war, that his place, power and purpose in the world are being given a new scrutiny, much of it unfriendly. Persecution is not a new experience to the Jew, but intensive scrutiny of his nature and super-nationality is. He has suffered for more than 2,000 years from what may be called the instinctive anti-Semitism of the other races, but this antagonism has never been intelligent nor has it been able to make itself intelligible. Nowadays, however, the Jew is being placed, as it were, under the microscope of economic observation that the reasons for his power, the reasons for his separateness, the reasons for his suffering may be defined and understood.

Adolf Hitler, 123 Years - April 21st, 2012

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Adolf Hitler's 123rd Birthday Party with Carolyn Yeager, Severus, and Sword Brethren.

William Finck's opening notes:

Adolf Hitler was not a Christian Identist. Like most Nationalists do even today, he also took it for granted that the Old Testament was a jewish book, and often pointed out those qualities in it which seemed to be jewish. Yet Hitler was a Christian, and Hitler understood that Christ was an Aryan if for no other reason than the fact that His very nature was so contrary to the nature of the jews, and so much like the nature of the Aryan. Hitler was not, however, a Judeo-Christian, and while he expressed the importance of the major sects of Christianity in providing a moral foundation for the people of the nation, he really had no care for the clerics, and often pointed out their faults. The major fault Hitler had with the clerics was their missionary work to non-Aryans, as they let Aryans slip into immorality. Hitler certainly understood and insisted that in order to have a healthy folk, it must be a moral folk. Like Hitler, Christian Identists also reject the professional clerics and their missionary activities to alien tribes.

Hitler stood against Globalism. He saw Globalism as a vehicle of both jewish Capitalism and jewish Marxism, and understood correctly that all of these were different arms of the same beast. He understood that the Jew, an international creature, sought to subvert every nation, and was effective at that subversion through the command which he had of international finance. He also understood that the Jew is the destroyer of the integrity of all creation, and especially of our race.

Adolf Hitler Speech from May 1st, 1933, A Day of National Labor - June 9th, 2012

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William Finck presents and adds some comments to an Adolf Hitler speech concerning labor and the May 1st holiday, along with a relevant excerpt from Mein Kampf. Click here for the text of the speech:

America as a Perversion of European Culture, from a German propaganda booklet - July 21st, 2012

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The document discussed in this program is entitled America as a Perversion of European Culture and it may be found at the German Propaganda Archive at