50-Year-Old Cartoon Predicts New World Order

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911 and the Mossad - from a BBC correspondent


911 Missing Links




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911 Solved in Two Minutes


See for the rest of the story.

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A Black Hole Called the Federal Reserve


The Federal Reserve is one hundred years old this month. It is without a doubt the second most lucrative and longest-running criminal activity in world history, second only to Judaism. But of course, Jews control the Federal Reserve too.

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A Cartoon Symbolizing the Attack of the Jews on the White Nations


We have had this video posted at our project for over five years. But never has its message been clearer or more appropriate than it is today. Laugh if you will, but this short video certainly is an accurate and well-presented depiction of the Jewish treachery against all White nations which has been unfolding over the last two hundred years. However we have faith that in the end, the results of such Jewish treachery will turn out quite differently.

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A Christogenea Introduction

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A Day at Panama City Beach


Adios, Redneck Riviera!

A Day at the Riots

We do not need to offer too much commentary here. As usual, the treatment of criminals has caused a local chimpocalypse in several American cities, this time Tulsa and Charlotte. In Charlotte, a black cop kills a black gunman, and that gives apefricans across town a license to loot Walmarts, burn down the town, oh, and beat innocent White people. But when are Whites ever going to awaken to the imminent negro threat to society? In Tulsa, a female cop shoots another negro, and while that shooting may not be considered justified, the statistics show that White suffer similar shootings all the time. But that does not matter to the negro, who for any reason will kill and destroy, hating the very concept of the rule of law.

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A Town Gone Bad: Police chief discusses 'VIP' sex ring protected by PA Attorney General Tom Corbett